Introduction to Climate Ethics, Video- Part Two

Why is it practically important to identify the ethical questions that need to be faced in making climate change policy? A new video, 14 minutes long, is the second in a two part introduction on the basics of climate change ethics that answers this question. Part two identifies a number of specific civilization challenging ethical issues, looks at these issues briefly, and makes the case for the urgent practical need to turn up the volume on the ethical dimensions of these issues. Part one in this series explained why climate change must be understood essentially as an ethical problem and why this understanding has profound practical consequences foe policy. Par one is found on this web site and is 11 minutes long. This second part takes up the issues introduced in part one in the context of several specific climate change ethical issues.


Donald A. Brown

Scholar in Residence, Sustainability Ethics and Law

Widener University School of Law


4 thoughts on “Introduction to Climate Ethics, Video- Part Two

  1. Indeed, the ethical questions of the climate crisis are fundamental, both conceptually and strategically, and be called civilization challenging.
    I would like to add to the discussion the ethical notion of monetary justice in its transformational sense. It would not only include social, ecological, procedural, intergenerational forms of justice, but also include the justice that is to be demanded from and based upon a transformed international monetary system, i.e. an international monetary system that is based upon a carbon standard of a specific tonnage of CO2e per person. This transformational notion of monetary justice can be the guiding principle of an integrated global governance system which integrates the three dimensions of sustainable development. For more information, see and chapter 6 in The Tierra Solution: Resolving the Climate Crisis through Monetary Transformation which was published last month by Cosimo in New York.

    • Thanks for the reminder about the importance of understanding the injustice of the global economic system and in particular the ides of monetary justice. Don Brown

  2. These videos are vitally important. I am sharing them with Al Gore, my group at the United Nations, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I am also forwarding them to producers that I am in contact with at ABC and CBS news. I have been on a campaign to get the networks do more climate reporting and also report on the disinformation campaign. 60 Minutes is the show I have been pushing the hardest on.

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