Introduction To The Ethics of Climate Change -Video Part One will be publishing videos that explain basic climate change ethical issues starting with this post.

This first video is about 14 minutes long and  introduces basic climate change ethics issues, explains why climate change must be understood as a civilization challenging ethical question, identifies some important practical consequences of framing climate issues as ethical questions, and introduces very briefly a few of the many civilization challenging ethical questions raised by climate change.

Part 2 in this series will introduce specific ethical issues entailed by climate change


Donald A. Brown, Scholar In Residence, Sustainability Ethics and Law, Widener University School of Law


1 thought on “Introduction To The Ethics of Climate Change -Video Part One

  1. Just watched your video part #1: excellent! Thanks for taking the time to do this. One of the promising stategies to turn this country around is to use the social media and hope this most important ethical issue of all time gets the attention it deserves. The science is clear, the politics have been sabotaged by the fossil fuel lobby (mind-boggling!), and emphasis on ethics is exactly the appeal that’s appropriate. The future frankly looks bleak to me: 400ppm CO2 and rising fast with awful effects; and a US election in Nov. which may install the evil Deniers.

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